About Us

Bandy Cheeks and Peach Perfect classes started as a dream. Founder and CEO, Tabetha Hawkins envisioned curating workout gear that was both effective and beautiful. Her mission was to produce original products that revolved around her profession and passion - that is fitness, body building and self care, with a touch of style. Bandy Cheeks workout accessories are truly made with love. All of our items are custom, and have a "one-of-a-kind" feel. 

Two years into our official launch, we saw such a huge wave of support, that our vision broadened. Tabetha began to offer classes, utilizing the bands to create a unique workout experience in what is known as Peach Perfect. A class that combines strength and energy into synchronized steps, to the rhythm of powerful music. Overtime, our classes grew, and evolved into a strong and diverse community of fitness enthusiasts. 

All of the concepts are handpicked and thoughtfully produced. We offer an array of sizes, for a variety of strength levels. As we continue our effort in growing and nurturing the brand, the goal is to continue to offer products that people will love and utilize for years to come. Thank you for building with us!