Bandy Cheeks and Peach Perfect 2.0 started out as a dream of mine. As a fitness professional, I'm always looking for ways to make fitness a sustainable lifestyle for myself, and my community. Our products capture all of my "loves" - they feel good to wear, are effective when used regularly and are beautifully curated.

Two years into our official launch, we saw a huge wave of support, which broadened my vision for the brand. I began to put together "banded choreography", utilizing the bands to create a unique workout experience. My classes combine strength and energy into synchronized steps, all to the rhythm of powerful music. I was able to fully apply my knowledge and passion for coaching! I quickly transitioned from an e-commerce store owner, to a resident instructor with the lululemon team. 

The most enjoyable aspect of my business is being able to share it with an amazing group of strong, diverse, fitness enthusiasts like myself. All of the designs and class concepts are handpicked, and thoughtfully produced. We offer an array of sizes for a variety of strength levels. As we continue our effort in growing and nurturing the brand, the goal is to continue to offer products, and services that people will love and utilize for years to come!