About Us

Bandy Cheeks started as a dream. I had always envisioned curating something that was fresh and simple, without reinventing the wheel. The goal was to produce original products that revolved around my profession and passion, that is fitness, body building, and self care with a touch of style. I needed Bandy to have a custom, "one-of-a-kind" feel that was accessible and attractive. I'm excited to see that vision come to life in what it is today, as well as what it's blossoming into. 

With the official launch, I wanted to put more "love" into each band design and pattern. All of the concepts were handpicked and thoughtfully produced, and I was able to collaborate with some talented coaches and trainers to offer more value with our products. There are different sizes for a variety of strength levels, along with designs that you can only find through Bandy Cheeks. As I continue to grow and nurture the brand, the goal is to continue to offer products that people will love and utilize for years to come. Thank you for your support!